What is MyPaku?

MyPaku is a platform where we match your need for professional consultations
with the right licensed lawyers, tax advisors or company secretaries.

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Tell us your needs

Tell us your needs and we will secure the right advisors for you, be it a lawyer or a tax advisor or both. When the right and accredited consultant is identified, MyPaku will set up an appointment for you to meet your lawyer or other advisors right here and begin your face-to-face consultation.

Anytime, anywhere

MyPaku’s state-of-the-art conferencing platform allows for multi-party consultations to take place, right here, in real time and face-to-face. Because consultation are live, you have the opportunity to speak to the most suitable consultants even though they may be in another city or country. This enables you to access the best advisors and subject matter experts without limiting yourself geographically.

Be a partner

If you are a qualified lawyer, tax advisor, company secretary or auditor, we want to work with you. Click here to submit your information.

If you intend to conduct a training session or seminar on our platform, sign up as our service provider. There is no fee in listing your services with us. Make the world your oyster!

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How to use

1. Pick the services you need
  • Lawyer
  • Tax adviser
  • Company secretary
  • Internal auditors
2. Give us the background
Tell us your story and we will match your needs with a top professional consultant.
3. Select your budget & preferred consultation time
We offer online consultations with a range of fees and time slots.
4. No charge before consultation
You will not be charged until you go online and begin your real time consultation with the assigned consultant.

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